Q2: Changes in procedure or regulation


I am currently in the process of filing for a patent with the assistance of an attorney.

The adage,"A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words", needs to be applied to the application process.

Utilization of videos and photos of the device or item that is being submitted for a patent would speed up the process dramatically. In working with my patent attorney, I supplied her with a detailed video along with photos, with explanation that followed the guidelines of the patent information process.


An examiner would be able to identify the parameters that they need to take into consideration with much improved expedience. The detailed drawing could still be required, but the clarity of the additional video/photo format would be of substantial assistance to the designated examiner. Not all applications would be candidates for this process, but any that do would help to speed up an integral part of the application process.


My patent application is in the category of a medical/rehabilitation exercise system. I have acquired patient permission to demonstrate the viability and application of my exercise system as a means of explanation for my patent attorney. All HIPAA guidelines were followed to the letter.


Just as this format has assisted my patent attorney in understanding all the parameters of my exercise system, it would be so also for the examiner.



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