Q2: Changes in procedure or regulation

Award count (0.25) for non-final AOM to suggest allowable matter

Pay the Examiners for more than just FAOMs. Award counts (e.g. of 0.25) for a subsequent non-final AOM which indicates allowable/patentable subject matter.

The current system, and the one before it, reward an Examiner for writing one FAOM and then sticking to it at each stage, unless its deficiencies are demonstrated so clearly that the Examiner must write another, substantively different, FAOM, and then only in response to an RCE.

The result is: FAOM, Final, RCE, FAOM, Final, RCE... ad infinitum, or until Appeal.

A better outcome would be: FAOM, non-final AOM, Allowance; or even: FAOM, non-final AOM, Final, All./Abn.

The Examiner should always have an incentive to add to his/her count by considering what would be an allowable claim.



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